Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not Quite out of the Woods...

Didn't end up going to Turner Lake yesterday, because I ended up running some errands first and then decided to come home and have some broth before doing anything else... and then just stayed home instead. 

So, got up early this morning and set out to enjoy more of the outdoors today. Had to get my oil changed, so knocked that out first. That only took 30 minutes, so I was out at the park long before noon and spent a good hour out there. It was great! It's been so long since I'd been out there and I just love it. Especially this time of year.

So pretty out there.. and so peaceful. 

And it really is amazing how much stronger I feel than just a week ago! I had intended on just keeping to the loop and then hanging out in some sunshine for awhile. But, once I started, I couldn't help but hit the trails once again. And even got a brief jog in a time or two. Felt so good just to be out there again and be active again - and just feel good!

Of course, I no sooner got to the home stretch and my tummy reminded me that even though I may have come back off the trails and hit pavement, I'm still not 'out of the woods' quite yet. So, as much as I had dreaded their port-a-potty and hoped I wouldn't need it... I did. However - I must say, this time, it was one of the cleanest ones I've been in. And never more thankful to see it. So, there ya go.

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