Sunday, May 25, 2014

Forty and.... Faring Well

Wow. Three weeks since my last post. 
That's good though, because it means I've had better things to do than obsess over my gut.

I had begun to consistently branch out and add more to my diet over these last weeks... more sweet potatoes, some Mexican fare (fajita makings w/out the tortillas, rice, beans or sour cream...), Chick-fil-A grilled chicken nuggets, worked a good bit of fruit back in and have been enjoying cheese more frequently again.

However. I began to feel like maybe I was starting to overdo it a bit, so have started to rein it back in. I don't want to lose all the progress I've made up to this point. And besides... I've got a trip to Boston coming up in 3 weeks!!! And I cannot afford to have a flare-up that weekend! I've waited 13 years for a return trip up there and I want to enjoy it as much as possible!

So. This week, I plan on cutting out any cheeses again. Cutting back on any fruit (except maybe a well-spotted banana here and there). Cut out the sweet potatoes... for now. Cut back on any additional seasonings I've been using on my chicken and beef. Continue to stay away from any nuts. (I just don't think I was doing well with those for a time.) And no sweets. For now anyway. I have GOT to at least maintain for the next month!

I have started to consistently take my Mercaptapurine (6MP) again, just to help reinforce as much as I can. And although they had started to lose their effectiveness last summer, I believe they've helped grant me some grace in what I've been eating lately. And I have to believe that my eating so much healthier this year, has had to allow the meds to do their job better.

I've also been taking daily doses of VSL#3 heavy duty probiotics, in the sachet (even stronger than the pill form). I only took my L-Glutamine for 2 or 3 days before taking a break from that because I didn't want my stools to swing to the other extreme. And it seemed like that stuff really worked. Tried the Valerian Root one evening, but it was hard to tell if it had much of an effect. Also got some tasty Mango Tango Omega 3 supplement from my supportive drug-dealing cousin (who shall remain anonymous...ha). This mixed well into my smoothie and the best part? ...No low-tide aftertaste!  :)

Have ordered some Magnesium oil to give that a shot. I feel like I'm probably pretty deficient in that, based on things I've read. And until that comes in, have been soaking in Epsom salt baths again in the meantime. 

The other thing I feel sure I'm deficient in is good ol' Vitamin D. So, heading outside to take advantage of this beautiful sunny day (before the GA humidity sets in!)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Evening Treat

Had to go to the grocery store today to pick up a few things for the week...  more chicken breasts... more zucchini... more ground beef... (It really is a much quicker errand when you don't go down any aisles.) I was excited to see that Publix has expanded their grass-fed beef section! So, I treated myself to a steak tonight.

And as badly as it made me want a loaded baked potato and a nice glass of wine along with it, it still ended up being a pretty decent meal... smothered in some onions and garlic along side of some steamed cauliflower. And a nice glass of Welch's grape juice laced with some lovely L-Glutamine.  :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Only Human

Know what I miss? Having an accompanying playlist on my blog/s. If I could choose a song for this post, it would be the one that's been running through my mind since last night... Billy Joel's "You're Only Human".
Just like a boxer in a title fight
You got to walk in that ring all alone
You're not the only one who's made mistakes
But they're the only thing that you can truly call your own

Why has this been going through my mind? Well... last night I caved. After weeks of deprivation and daily self-denial, I finally succumbed... to a banana/blueberry smoothie and about 8 handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips that had somehow remained in my cupboard. And you know what? ... It was good. But interestingly enough... I believe I actually enjoyed the smoothie more than the chocolate chips. 

I fully expected to pay the price first thing this morning, but so far... so good. Though, it may be something that I pay more gradually for. I don't know. I just know that last night... it was worth it.

I've resolved to do better today. Back to the usuals. The basics. And starting on my L-Glutamine and heavy duty probiotics. 

Today is a new day.

Don't forget your second wind
Wait in your corner until that breeze blows in

And tomorrow is, too.


We're only human, we're supposed to make mistakes

... Right, Billy?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

No News is Good News

Just realized it's been almost a whole week since I've posted anything on here. And glad to report that it's because there hasn't been much to post about!

Still eating roughly the same foods as I have been. And have actually maintained since Saturday! I pretty much just had broiled beef patties for dinner Friday night, Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner. I had an egg with some bacon Saturday and Sunday mornings (replacing the OJ with diluted grape juice). Sunday, I had a favorite of mine that I've discovered in this journey: bacon-wrapped chicken and zucchini 'chips' (still working out the kinks on those, but they're even good when they're mushy).

The exciting part is the fact that I worked in sweet potatoes with my burgers Friday and Saturday. And even slid in a couple slices of Swiss cheese, too! And enjoyed a little juice glass of some fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade Sunday!

Monday, I just continued with much of the same diet as I'd had over the weekend.

Tuesday, I had a couple of fried eggs and bacon, but added in some cheddar cheese and switched up the bacon to a more smokey version (though, still same brand and same ingredients - need to be sure there's no sugar added). And due to a nagging sweet tooth, had a little swig of orange juice right before bed.
Not sure if it was too many new things at once or if it was just one of them, but I did go back to having a little bit of blood Wednesday morning, but not much at all. And that was the first time since last Friday. And I felt good the rest of the day!

Last night, I wanted to change-up my chicken a bit, so threw it in a bowl of olive oil, red wine vinegar and Italian seasoning and (apparently because my appetite is back with a vengenance since I've been feeling better) I ended up eating an entire head of cauliflower with that! I had also used some grass-fed butter for that. So, again, not sure if it was throwing new things into the mix (even though it was all technically 'legal') or overindulging or what.... but had a little greater amount of blood this morning. So, trying to reel it back in today. And not get so carried away with quantity or new items. Just hard to rein it in when you miss food! And your appetite comes back so heartily!

I am excited that I've put about 6 lbs back on in a week's time! Feels good just to keep something in me again!

I've also gotten some good supplements in that I'm anxious to get going on... L-Glutamine, which is supposed to work wonders... and I also got the hook-up with some VSL#3, which is one of the top probiotic products on the market! (Thanks, Gary!) I also got some Valerian Root, just to have on hand, because I read several accounts that claim that it's a good herbal supplement for those restless nights... I just hope I don't need that one too badly or too often - as it smells like the strongest, smelliest feet that ever walked the earth! Blech! I can't imagine choking those down!

Been finding lots more good recipes on Pinterest, too. Mostly Paleo and all very promising. Just hopeful now to get to the point of being able to try them out soon!