Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lots of Catching up to Do!

Wow. Another six weeks, almost, since my last post.
Actually seems longer than that.

So glad to be able to say that I have been doing really well during this time. Much better than April and May.

The best part though is that I was able to make my trip to Boston! Three weeks ago now. (sighhh...) 
And it was SUCH a great time! Just as awesome as I had remembered it. We were blessed with beautiful weather... again. It was so good to have more time to spend there this time around. And we walked. And walked. And walked. And I didn't have to keep my sights set on public restrooms at all times. Yay! I was actually able to relax and take in all the rest of the sights!

I did manage to eat pretty well while there (wasn't sure what would be available for me to choose from while away from home - and my own kitchen - for 4 days). However, when we ended up staying at the Omni Parker House Hotel - home of the Boston Creme Pie - and they brought us each one up to our room upon arrival.... Well, I was strong and picked off the fresh berries that garnished the plate... at first. But, a while later, I caved. I thought "If I can't even try the original Boston Creme Pie at the Omni Parker House in Boston... well, then, why bother?" So, took some preemptive Prednisone and ate every last bite. And it was good.

But, I did try to be wise in any subsequent dining selections. 

The first evening there, we hit the Beantown Pub and I was able to get some delicious marinated steak tips and carrots. (Wish I'd gotten a pic of the carrots - those things were HUGE!) And I believe I had a salad in place of any carbs they offered. But, it was all very yummy.

That night, we found what's got to be the best little pub in town... the Hub Pub. It was great. We knew we'd found a good place when we were serenaded by the bouncer into the place, a Journey classic hit. {haha} Alcohol, in general, is a big no-no with Colitis, but again, I thought "Why even bother if you can't enjoy a little splurge now and again?" And I had taken the Prednisone. So, I ordered the driest white wine they had. And we had such a good time there. Everyone was so friendly. We (unknowingly) happened to come into town during their big Pride Week and the guy next to me was actually gay, but said "I'm gay, but I'm not proud. I tried to shut the whole thing down, but..." {haha} He was originally from upstate New York. The bartender was kind, too. When he heard that I had to watch what I intake, he even guessed "You have Crohn's?" I told him, "Close... Colitis." "Oh, that's the one where you can't have nuts and seeds." "No - That's diverticulitis." "Oh, yeah." {hahaha} So, he brought me water after that.  :)  Then, of course, the ever-entertaining bouncer periodically serenaded throughout the night. And everyone joined in on the classics. I had to laugh when a Bon Jovi song came on and only a few belted out that one and a guy behind us said "Wha? Am I the only guy from Jersey in here?!" {haha} It was great. Just so delightfully 'local'. We loved it.

Next day, upon the recommendation of our new friends, we had brunch at the Granary, over on Milk Street. I did good getting the eggs, but they came with homestyle potatoes that I just had to try. They were delicious, but I was careful not to overdo it and left more on the plate than I really wanted to. We also splurged and had sangrias. (We were sitting on the patio on a 75 degree morning - it just felt right.) Didn't finish the sangria though. Drank my probiotic grape juice and then carried the leftover sangria around with me the rest of the day, sipping on it.  :)

That evening, we had dinner at the Chart House, outside by the harbor. Again, beautiful weather and good food - I had a salmon with steamed broccoli. Service and 'work atmosphere' could've been a lot better, but aside from that, it was enjoyable.

The next morning, our very gracious hotel Manager suggested our hitting the Paramount for brunch. So, we did. It was in a section of town that we just love and the people there were so great. Had a yummy western omelette with bacon. And again, had brought along my probiotic-laced grape juice. (I was glad to have a Walgreens right around the corner from our hotel - where I was able to get my Welch's original to drink on those couple of days.) 

Meandered over to Charlestown (an area we had not made it to before) and then back down to the harbor-side to have one last late lunch at Joe's American grill before heading out. Another patio dining on yet another gorgeous day. I ordered their chicken sandwich, with no bun and sweet potato fries. (No mayo either, which is huge for me. But, the homemade pickles helped.) The fries were delicious and I just loved how they presented my bun-less sandwich.  :)

SO much more I could share about Boston!!! I love it every bit as much as the times I'd been before! Probably even more! But, these were the food highlights of the trip. And though I'm sure that my jumping back on some Prednisone had to have granted me an extra measure of grace, I can't help but believe that my eating better has allowed them to work all the more for me.

At any rate, I am SOOO grateful that it was a good trip. That my body held up. That I could walk endlessly (though not 100% painlessly - my feet took a beating!) for 3 days straight without having to worry about bathroom availability. That the weather couldn't have been any more amazingly beautiful. That I was able to enjoy some great food with a friend who has the same affinity for that city. And we met some of the nicest people Boston has to offer. 

So grateful.

Already looking forward to going back...


  1. So glad for all these things with you.

  2. SO, so glad to know everything is going well on all fronts and that you're able to go "off track" once in a while and in moderation. I'm sure that is all encouraging to you. Keep up the good fight. You're doing so well. I'm especially glad that your trip to your beloved Boston was every bit as wonderful and special as you had hoped it would be!