Friday, April 18, 2014

Aye Yai Yai...

A couple weekends ago, I read a great book by Tucker Sweeney called 'Two Steps Forward, One Step Back', documenting his struggle to overcome life with UC.

What a fitting title. So much of this journey, with all its trials and errors and changes going on in your body... so much of it is exactly that: two steps forward and one step back.

Yesterday, I felt SO great! I couldn't believe how big a difference one week could make!

Until about 3:00 in the afternoon. And then, I couldn't believe what a difference a couple hours could make.

I'm not sure if I just caught a bug (though, not sure where I would've picked it up from) because my body has a weak defense right now? or if it was my body's reaction to such a suddenly active day? I don't know. But, about 2:30, back at home and jacket still on, I noticed I was getting chilly. By 3:00, I knew I wasn't just a little chilled; it was the chills. By 4:00, I had a full-blown 100.9 temp. And not just the temp either... the whole nine yards - achiness and all. Guess I'm glad I enjoyed the pretty day while I had. The rest of the day was spent bundled up on the couch.

 But, thankfully, though I don't recall my fever breaking, I woke up this morning temp-free. And am feeling better. Not 100%, as I hadn't eaten very much before I finally called it a night... but better.

Now, to take that step forward again....

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