Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ending on a (Relatively) Good Note

After such a lousy Thursday, Friday did turn around a bit. The ground beef does tend to help temper the bleeding for me. It's just that you don't have any of that yummy bread or potato helping to soak up some of that grease, so you're left feeling rather 'bubbly'. Not exactly the best feeling in the world, but it sure beats going to the bathroom every 5 minutes and losing so much blood throughout the day.

Tried a few hard-boiled eggs yesterday mid-morning, but this time took the yolks out. My little pitiful whites were definitely missing their counterparts, but with enough salt and pepper, it wasn't too terrible. And I felt better after having them. 

For lunch, I had a new favorite of mine I found on Pinterest a few months ago and just love! It's Quick Lime Cilantro Chicken and it is so easy and so yummy! And a perfect blend with some steamed cauliflower!

*If you have enough of that delicious browned goodness from the chicken juices, the olive oil and the garlic left over, it seasons your cauliflower just perfectly without the need to for any butter. Make sure to use your trusty old pan for this one; not your non-stick pan, or you won't get it good and browned.*

Rounded the night out with some more beef patties. But, bravely (or dumbly - jury's still out) paired them with a sweet potato. (Sweet potatoes are Paleo-friendly, but not SCD-advisable.) Not sure if it has compromised my progress at all or not at this point, but I haven't seemed to have had too much trouble since then. Still very minimal bleeding. Which is HUGE for me. And have been much less 'bubbly' since then.

So, planning on more leftover chicken breasts and beef patties over the weekend, with a handful of different veggies and we'll see how I am by Monday.

I did get a helpful email from Adam Scheuer this morning, from over at I Have UC, that shared this post with us from a girl who's found help with a great herbal sleep aid, Valerian Root. She also listed several other supplements that have worked for her, so have placed an order for some of these on Amazon this morning myself. (Have already been doing Fish Oil and B-Complex, but not the others.)

So thankful for the great community of UC'ers out there! Who, once they DO find success, take the time to turn back around and lend those of us still stuck in the mire a hand of support!

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