Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long Week

Sure wish I could say that I felt as good this week as I had at the beginning of last week, but...

Monday, I actually had a decent day at work. No real major flaring. However, after I got home and put some squash on, I sat down for a minute and began to get sooo nauseous. What the heck?? Like I don't have enough going on in my body? It got so bad, I spent about an hour and a half on the floor in the bathroom just waiting for the inevitable. But, nothing happened, so I finally lined a trash can, plopped it by the couch and laid down. Went to sleep, scorched my squash and never did have dinner.

Next morning, I felt better, but knew I needed to eat something before lunchtime, so grabbed a handful of cashews and then ate a banana mid-morning. And I don't know if it was just the nuts... or the combination of the two... or what, but I had a horrible morning! I literally would just get back to my desk, sit down in my chair, and think "Aw, man.... not AGAIN! This is ridiculous!" Literally, the whole morning. But, got home for lunch and made some meatballs and actually did better the rest of the day.

Yesterday was alright. Certainly not as bad as the morning before, but still didn't feel great. Had leftover meatballs for breakfast, but they didn't seem to behold the same magic as before. But was just glad that I wasn't experiencing the same frequency as the morning before.

.... No, that would be saved for today. Ugh. Same thing this morning as Tuesday morning. Just had bacon-wrapped chicken last night with some squash for dinner, but did have some cashews this morning to hold me over 'til lunch (I didn't have anything else I could take with me for that). And I'm thinking it must be the nuts that keep killing my gut. Will definitely be giving those a rest now. So, again, I came home for lunch and whipped up some more meatballs and felt better the rest of the afternoon. And had the rest for dinner with some sautéed zucchini. We'll see how that goes.

One more day of work and then I can rest again and be on my own schedule. Just praying for a better day tomorrow.

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