Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Well. I haven't really improved in the last several days, but I haven't gotten worse either. So, I'll take it.

Still not having nearly the amount of trips to the loo that I was having last week (once every 45 min's, on average, last week). And not quite the degree of urgency as I had been experiencing either, which is good. But, still more blood than I'd like and nothing very 'productive' at all. Ever.

However, I can tell that my energy level and stamina are both improved, so that's exciting! And, I've been able to maintain my weight, which is a relief. (I was steadily losing a pound a week, and then had begun to lose one every day or two before plateauing.)

Made up another big batch of broth from the chicken carcass I still had left from the other day. So, I'll  try to get more of that going in me the next couple of days. Cook up some more meatballs, because my body does seem to be okay with the grassfed beef. And I am really enjoying them more in meatball form. I shredded some onion and fresh garlic and threw in some red pepper flakes, and they were almost more like sausage balls - very tasty! Also have some leftover bacon-wrapped chicken thighs from last night, so will work in one of those today, too.

I feel 'funny' having taken a whole week off work just to stay home and relax (I don't typically take off for any reason) but I'm truly glad I have. Just to be able to take it easy and really focus on what my body needs and not have to be somewhere by a certain time and worry about what I can have on hand at work just to get something in me, and worrying about how that'll 'set' with me, and then rushing home for lunch to prepare something and worrying over what that should be ahead of time and then rushing back to work... let alone the job itself. Just such a relief to get a break from that whole factor. And just rest.

Today is a pretty day. No wind. No rain. And I think I'm finally back at a point to where I feel comfortable going out to Turner Lake Park for a period of time (I'd have gone before now, but as much as I love that place, they have got the most disgusting port-a-potty that I have ever had to experience.). It's been awhile since I've been out there and I just know it'll do my body and soul some good. And this is always the most beautiful time of year to be there.

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