Monday, April 14, 2014

Two Steps Forward.....

You know... I'm actually starting to feel like this whole lifestyle change might work after all.

These last couple of days, I've pretty much just stuck with baked chicken / chicken broth, meatballs and, of all things... bacon. Decided to try cutting out the eggs for a few days, just to see if that helped. Not sure if it did, or if it was just coincidental, but... I'm really beginning to feel somewhat normal again. And even though all sorts of things (from the illegal list) still sound good, I'm finding that my body really doesn't want any of that anymore.

Will work some squash with onions back in tomorrow. And maybe an egg again for breakfast, just to see if it seems to set me back at all and go from there. But, I'm VERY hopeful at this point!

If all goes well, I might even get really wild and crazy and add a banana or two back in after that!

As badly as I started off craving my sweets at the beginning of this journey, I now look forward to the day I can eat cheese again!

Funny, how you really begin to appreciate all the things that you are still able to have. Once you take your eyes off all the stuff that you can't.

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