Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Beginnings...

So... basically, in the Intro Diet that I've begun this weekend, you are allowed (and must keep to) the following:

Organic Chicken
Homemade Chicken Broth
Lean Ground Beef
Pureed carrots
Hard Boiled Eggs
Unflavored Gelatin mixed with Welch's 100% Grape Juice

(The onion and parsley are just to flavor the broth and sadly get dumped out in the end.) *sniff, sniff*

Exciting, huh?

Most any meats (the more organic the better, of course), so I will try to make the most of that and mix it up a bit. But, other than that, at this point... one vegetable. And not exactly my favorite one at that. Though, I will say, when you puree it and then add it back into the chicken broth... it is better than I had expected. (Either that, or I'm just really hungry.) And even though I've never been a huge grape-flavored fan or a Jello fan, the Jello is a welcome treat when all you're eating is meat and one veggie.

So, still not sure what to expect from all this. And actually still didn't have a great night/morning after sticking to these items yesterday, but they say it takes several days and often, you will feel worse before you start feeling better.

(My carrot pureed chicken broth - Looks almost like a thin tomato soup and actually not half bad.)

Trying to remain hopeful though!


  1. What you're allowed to eat thus far sounds pretty good, though like you, I'd like more variety in veggies. Maybe part of the deal is a mental thing about being restricted to certain things. The carroty chicken broth actually looks tasty!

    1. It really wasn't too bad. I have moved back onto zucchini and squash w/ onions now, since they seem to be fine for me. So, definitely not the variety I'm used to, but doable. And can even be enjoyable.