Monday, April 7, 2014

Dealin' With It

That's the kinda day I had. And not just 'cause I'm down about 30 lbs. Feeling like any time I try to pull up my 'big girl panties' and deal with it, they just fall back down around the ankles.

I've gotta say... Today was one of my punier days. Wiped out and depleted this morning. Would've given just about anything to stay in my cozy bed while the rain rolled through. But, this is Spring Break week, so we already have so many folks out of the office that I just pushed through. Thankfully, I seem to be tolerating the hard-boiled eggs alright, so I had one of those mid-morning. Then, for lunch, managed a little bit of leftover baked chicken. Another hard-boiled egg around 4:00. So, just keeping those in me has helped abate some of the weariness.

Not sure if the last couple of days are because the Intro diet is working and it's just my body trying to rid itself of all the toxins... or if it's not the food for me. So, at this point, going to try working a few of the things back in that had seemed to stay with me before and go from there....


Connie said she's worried about me and that I've never looked so bad. But, a guy at WalMart said I looked just like someone he knows from his neighborhood, so I must not look so bad. Either that, or she's pretty puny, too. Either way, I'll be sure to pray for her tonight.  :)

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