Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not Sure Who's Winning... But the War is ON

I've heard mention  of a 'die off' stage (aka: 'healing crisis') and feeling like this was something I could relate to these last few days, I looked into how long they typically last. Well, it's hard to determine, seeing as there are so many factors involved (how many 'bad guys' you have in there, how strict you are on your dietary restrictions, and basically, we're all made differently). However, in finding this, I also discovered another great little resource that I think truly relates to where I am in all of this right now:  Everything You Need to Know about... Candida Die Off . Seeing as I have been enduring at least a third of the symptoms they've listed, I'd say the possibility is good that this is what I'm experiencing right now.

Basically, the little evil pathogens are being starved out (because they had come to love all the same tasty 'bad' foods that I did, that I am no longer succumbing to) and they are not happy about this. So, in the process of being destroyed, they are getting back at me by releasing endotoxins into my body on their way down. Not fun. For any of the involved parties. Meanwhile, not only does my body have to work hard to purge itself of all these toxins, it is also diligently working on repairing all the damage that those little vile gremlins are leaving behind. Explains a lot. And also encourages me that these symptoms are normal and will pass (after a period of time) and helps me to know what to do to help ease some of this process so I can function until that time. Already loaded up on my Vitamin C and have some MAAC ordered and on its way.

In the meantime.... Epsom Salts... Take me awayyyyyyy....


  1. I read a book earlier this year called "The Yeast Syndrome" and learned that I have an overgrowth of Candida as well. Have made some food alterations but haven't noticed much difference. I followed your link to Everything You Need to Know... and I'm going to try Probacto's product. Did you order it? I'm wondering if it has a taste.

    1. The only thing I've ordered are the MAAC pills to bind the toxins.

    2. And those are the ones they recommend from Amazon.