Sunday, May 25, 2014

Forty and.... Faring Well

Wow. Three weeks since my last post. 
That's good though, because it means I've had better things to do than obsess over my gut.

I had begun to consistently branch out and add more to my diet over these last weeks... more sweet potatoes, some Mexican fare (fajita makings w/out the tortillas, rice, beans or sour cream...), Chick-fil-A grilled chicken nuggets, worked a good bit of fruit back in and have been enjoying cheese more frequently again.

However. I began to feel like maybe I was starting to overdo it a bit, so have started to rein it back in. I don't want to lose all the progress I've made up to this point. And besides... I've got a trip to Boston coming up in 3 weeks!!! And I cannot afford to have a flare-up that weekend! I've waited 13 years for a return trip up there and I want to enjoy it as much as possible!

So. This week, I plan on cutting out any cheeses again. Cutting back on any fruit (except maybe a well-spotted banana here and there). Cut out the sweet potatoes... for now. Cut back on any additional seasonings I've been using on my chicken and beef. Continue to stay away from any nuts. (I just don't think I was doing well with those for a time.) And no sweets. For now anyway. I have GOT to at least maintain for the next month!

I have started to consistently take my Mercaptapurine (6MP) again, just to help reinforce as much as I can. And although they had started to lose their effectiveness last summer, I believe they've helped grant me some grace in what I've been eating lately. And I have to believe that my eating so much healthier this year, has had to allow the meds to do their job better.

I've also been taking daily doses of VSL#3 heavy duty probiotics, in the sachet (even stronger than the pill form). I only took my L-Glutamine for 2 or 3 days before taking a break from that because I didn't want my stools to swing to the other extreme. And it seemed like that stuff really worked. Tried the Valerian Root one evening, but it was hard to tell if it had much of an effect. Also got some tasty Mango Tango Omega 3 supplement from my supportive drug-dealing cousin (who shall remain anonymous...ha). This mixed well into my smoothie and the best part? ...No low-tide aftertaste!  :)

Have ordered some Magnesium oil to give that a shot. I feel like I'm probably pretty deficient in that, based on things I've read. And until that comes in, have been soaking in Epsom salt baths again in the meantime. 

The other thing I feel sure I'm deficient in is good ol' Vitamin D. So, heading outside to take advantage of this beautiful sunny day (before the GA humidity sets in!)

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  1. Hey Jess, been reading your blog, and have heard of UC, and was curious if your experience is do to too much candida yeast in your system? Have you ever heard of it? Also, I love this blog I subscribe too, it's called "one good thing", here is the link: Maybe you can share how one knows you have UC, and what are the usual symptoms to look out for. Personally and privately; hubby was diagnosed with the onset of dementia, and I am trying my best to find any and all treatments that may help him retain what he has, before I lose him to this disease permanently. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for caring, you have a beautiful heart......I can sense things like this......hugs sweet girly.