Friday, July 18, 2014

Support Local Business!

I've read where several sources have indicated that smaller, local businesses make it easier to stay on a more tailored diet. They tend to prepare food on site as opposed to the larger chains that have so much pre-prepared food. And generally more accommodating and understanding.

And I'm finding this to be true. 

But, some even go above and beyond.  :)

There's a sweet little place just up the street from work that several of us have really come to appreciate and enjoy for the past year or so of them being there. 

It's called Terry O'Cheles and they are always sooo nice in there... And have pretty yummy food, too! 

My favorite was once their best selling Bacon Lettuce and (Fried Green) Tomato on flat bread with an order of zucchini pasta. Yum. 

Unfortunately, the zucchini is about the only thing left that's actually 'legal' for me now. Boo.

But, I joined a couple of friends there for lunch a few weeks ago and I was able to get the burger (sans bun) and it was really pretty tasty! Served on a bed of greens and simply topped with veggies (tomato, peppers, avacado, onions, pickles). So tasty that I went home and (somewhat) replicated it that night! 

The fact that they'd prepared theirs in the design of a smiley face only served as sweet encouragement.  :)

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