Tuesday, August 5, 2014

B.C.S. (Bacon Chicken and Swiss)

Back when I first started this journey, I discovered bacon-wrapped chicken as one of my 'safe' foods (with the help of Adam Shuerer (at IHaveUC.com).

And wondered why I had never discovered this winning combination before!

It was delicious. The bacon kept all the good chicken juices wrapped inside. And well, you can never go wrong with a little bacon. So, that quickly made it into my steady rotation of 'safe foods' before I really got to feeling better.

About the same time, Mom had found a recipe that's similar, where you cook the chicken, then simply top the chicken with Swiss cheese, bacon and sauteed onions.

Again... Yum.

So, I've begun to make more of that style than the initial one I was doing. For the simple fact that I prefer the bacon all nice and crispy on top as opposed to bacon that stays soft and juicy. And you can never go wrong with a little Swiss cheese! Especially with bacon!

Lately, I've been cooking my chicken in a pan instead of the oven. It's just quicker that way. And I have really begun to better appreciate my non-nonstick frying pan. The meats just brown up so much better in it. And is, undoubtedly safer than ingesting all that nonstick stuff.

To give some added flavor, I've just been sprinkling a generous amount of mixed seasoning on my raw chicken and then throw it in with some heated up olive oil. Cook for about 10 min's on each side (depending on the thickness of the chicken). Fry up a little bit of bacon while that cooks and boom! You've got a pretty tasty little meal! 

And the leftovers are great on a bed of spinach as a salad, with a little bit of oil/vinegar dressing drizzled on top! 

Speaking of which, I believe there is some in there calling my name now...