Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grain-Free Cookies... Take Two

So, I was pretty excited about the chocolate chip cookies we've been enjoying (and that I finally got around to making myself this week). 
But, I may actually be more excited about them now.

The other day, when I made mine, they seemed to turn out more 'nutty' than Mom's have been. Not a bad thing necessarily. Just kinda like the difference between chunky peanut butter and creamy. (Though my cookies weren't that chunky!) But, I just kept thinking they were more like an oatmeal cookie than a chocolate chip cookie.

So, I gave that a go tonight.

And believe me when I say... They. Are. Sooo. Good! 
Especially warm out of the oven.

They taste just like an old fashioned oatmeal cookie. 
Though no oats were used at all. 

I just replaced the chocolate chips with about 2 tsp's of cinnamon and about a half-box of golden raisins (probably close to a cup or so?). And all the rest was in keeping with the Grain Free Cookie Recipe  we've been using.

Again... SO good!

Trust me.