Saturday, August 9, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

Although I'd say the food I've missed the most is probably pasta, I would have to admit that there have been many times this summer that I've missed a good ol' bowl of cereal. 

Now, I never have been one for all the sweet, blatantly sugary cereals... My favorites were more along the lines of: Blueberry Morning, Smart Start and even some good old fashioned Rice Krispies with some strawberries or bananas on top. 

Honestly, I never imagined I'd ever miss cereal more than donuts or coffee bread. 

But, in the summer, a lot of times, I would enjoy a nice little bowl of cereal in the evenings, just for something quick, light and refreshing to eat. 

And then, on Saturdays... I mean, what child of the '70s didn't grow up eating cereal while watching cartoons on Saturday mornings?

And I mourn a little for my past culinary life. *sighh*

Until I actually take the time to prepare a nice full complete breakfast. 

And then I think... Wait. Cereal? What cereal?

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