Saturday, September 20, 2014

Community Rewards

I'm not exactly thrilled with how my food budget has sky-rocketed with all my dietary changes these days. I easily spend $60 - $80 just running in 'for a few things'. Things like grassfed beef, wild salmon or organic produce. (It's well more than that should I actually need a $10 bag of almond flour or $8 jar of coconut oil.) Ouch.

But, if you weigh that against pharmaceutical bills or doctors' bills you'd be facing withOUT eating this way... it's worth it.

And, I've found another way to make it all worth it!

A while back, the United Methodist Children's Home posted on Facebook how you can actually help support them by shopping at Kroger. 

And honestly, I used to be a devout Publix girl. Just kind of the difference between Target and Wal-Mart. But, I've come around to really appreciate Kroger lately for what they have to offer. They have a much larger health food section (What I wouldn't give to have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in town!) and their prices are generally much better than that of Publix. And even though they aren't the same friendly faces I've grown accustomed to seeing at Publix, the staff has always been friendly there as well.

AND... they have the Community Rewards Program!

Anyway - I can't think of a better cause for my money to help support than the UMCH. They are doing some life-changing things over there. 

So, I would encourage you... if you have a Kroger nearby, please consider using the Kroger Plus Card and signing up to support this cause with me! 

And if not this one, maybe one that you feel prompted to support.

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  1. And I found that when I was shopping at Kroger (they don't have them down here), they customize the coupons they send you. Like, if you buy a certain health food brand regularly, those are the coupons the send you in the mail. I really liked that aspect of the kroger card. Besides the discount on gas. I liked that too.