Saturday, September 6, 2014

Homemade Green Beans ~ Yum!

Man. I had forgotten just how much I love some good old homemade Southern Style Green Beans.
I was hooked on these long before I ever started a Paleo or Specific Carb lifestyle. I may have just had in my mind that they were 'illegal' as a legume? But, when I looked at my 'legals' list, they were on there. Woo hoo! Just no canned variety. I can do that! I love making fresh green beans!

I mean, just look at those beauties. Canned are no where near as pretty as that right there.

I start out just frying up some bacon in a big stock pot. Once that starts to brown up, I throw some diced onion in with it. While those continue browning, I rinse fresh green beans and trim up the ends. (I usually go ahead and snap most in half, too.) When I'm finished rinsing and trimming, I throw the beans into the pot, loosening up and mixing in the cooked bacon and onion. Continue turning over periodically to get as many beans possible browned a bit. Once they've begun to brown up some, I add enough water to not quite cover the beans and continue to cook medium-low heat. Once the water begins to evaporate a good bit, I turn down the heat and just let them sit on the stove for an hour or more, stirring every now and again. Cook to desired tenderness and add desired amounts of salt and pepper to taste.

Then, spoon out and enjoy with your favorite main dish!  :)

Here they are with some bun-less cheeseburger sliders I concocted up one night for dinner.

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