Friday, March 27, 2015

Game Changer

While at my sister's house last month, she introduced me to a new way of fixing sweet potatoes. Using a dash of cinnamon. It was really good. I just hadn't thought of the cinnamon with them before.

After we got home, I knew that she had mentioned using a couple different things on her sweet potatoes (she's since reminded me that it was honey and cinnamon - in addition to the usual olive oil, salt and pepper) but I couldn't remember what all she had used that she liked.

So, I improvised.

And you know, it worked!

I drizzled with the usual olive oil and sprinkled with some sea salt. I think I still used a dash of cinnamon, too but then saw the chili powder up in the spice cabinet and thought ~ Hmmm... That could be good. So, threw a few dashes of that on, too.

And it was really good!

Dad even commented how well he liked them! (Not that he's a picky eater.)

And... for some reason... I have discovered that I like my sweet potatoes chopped up smaller; more diced. I think it just allows for more surface area to get good and browned. Mmmmm...

So glad I seem to do well with sweet potatoes. I love them so.

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