Sunday, October 11, 2015

Leftovers - Giving Them the Chance that They Deserve

I hate waste. 
I generally rip my Kleenex tissues in half, because I rarely need a whole one at one time, but know I will need the other half sometime soon.
If the printer prints off an extra blank sheet of paper, I put it back in the tray to be used next time. Or if I print something I didn't intend to, I rip that sheet into quarters to use the back as scratch paper.
I use reusable bags when I shop to fit as much in as possible and not have to use those horrible plastic bags.

People think I'm extreme. I act like I was born in the Depression or something, in relation to today's society. But, I just really abhor waste. Just because you've got it to waste, doesn't mean you should. 

{If only I were as passionate about wasting time.
But, that's a post for another blog.}

Which leads me to leftovers.

I can't tell you how many people I've heard say "I just don't do leftovers. I hate leftovers. I can't eat the same thing twice in one week."

Wow. What an abudantly blessed, lavish, intolerant breed we've become.

And I will admit that there a few things just don't reheat well. But, I believe that most things are wonderful as leftovers, if only given the chance. And in my opinion, all you need to do is Open your mind and Ditch the microwave.

Now, mind you, I'm not one who thinks microwaves are evil (though I don't believe it can be 100% safe - I mean, it's 'nuking' your food). I just think they're over-rated as far as the quality of food that you get out of one, as opposed to using your oven or stovetop. 
I haven't had a microwave in 13 years. And I do not miss it one bit.

If you tend to poopoo the idea of leftovers, I would challenge you to give the microwave a break and see if you don't begin to see your leftovers in a new light. Reheat your spaghetti and chili and soup in a pot on the stove. Stick your steak, chicken, pork under the broiler. It takes about the same time as a microwave and no more rubbery meat! Roasted potatoes will still be nice and crunchy or crispy and not soggy. And spaghetti squash, reheated in a little sauce pan with some really hot oil (preferably avocado or olive), is SOOO much better than even fresh out of oven and gets a nice brown to it that you would NEVER get from a microwave!

So much better!

Case in point from this weekend... I had cooked a delicious pork roast early in the week - glazed with a mixture of maple syrup and cocunut aminos (similar to soy sauce) and wrapped in bacon. I've been eating on that off and on all week, with different sides and it has been so good every time. 

Today, I pan fried a couple of slices of the pork roast and threw my leftover broccoli under the broiler for a couple minutes. I had reserved all that yummy glaze, so had a good bit of that in my pan, which caramelized nicely with the little bit of bacon that was left on it and the pork got a nice deep brown finish to it. Then, since I was out of my grassfed butter, I just squirted a little fresh lemon juice on my broccoli and topped with a little salt and pepper. ~ YUM!
The pork was still just as juicy and tender as Day One and with the glaze having thickened was even sweeter and richer. And the broccoli was just as light and fresh as ever.

So, I challenge you! 
If you have a bad attitude about leftovers or eating something more than once in one week, try giving your microwave a little rest and giving them a chance! And see if you don't like the results better. 
And, don't be afraid to 'mix things up' and change them up a bit! It makes ALL the difference in the world!  :)

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